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My CV as a Yoga Teacher and Wellness and Fitness Massage Therapist: 
I was born in Germany, Cologne in 1975. After I finished High School, I flew for the first time to India. There I got in contact with the ancient tradition of Yoga. This experience founded my interest in Yoga and other holistic treatments. 2005 I became a yoga teacher at Yoga Vidya based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda. To become more attuned to the wisdom and practice of Yoga I lived for 2,5 years in India and stayed for some time in the Shivananda Ashram in Kerala. In this time I got the initiation to a Reiki - Teacher(John´s Ayurvedic Healing Center) and specialized myself in Kundalin Yoga according to the Teaching of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. 2009-2010 I stayed 1 year in Thailand where I received the education of a Cranio-Sacral therapist (Orion Healing Center).  From Janurary 2012 to January 2013 i worked as a Yogateacher for the Dharana Yoga Centre in Cologne.During my stay at Cologne I gave treatsments of Reiki- and Cranio-Sacral and teached various Yoga-Groups in my own  Yoga Place. In this period I got quallified as a Sono - Sound Therapist (Dagamar Bendel-Schultze/ Gonglights). From January 2013 till June 2014 i went to India to attend for a six week Intensive Training Course in Ashtanga Yoga,Pranayama and Mind-Body Relaxation.  Since June  2014 I started again to teach Yoga and Reiki at my own Yoga Place and to give Yoga Lessons at the Ladysporting Gym in Cologne from April 2015 -2016.  Since February 2016 I work at the Raum für Yoga in Frechen (www.raumfueryoga-frechen.de) as a Meditation Instructor and give various workshops  Pranayama, Chakra Activation etc) In August 2016 i get the education as Fitness and Massage Therapist at BNS Rodenkirchen (www.massageausbildung-bns.de) and  wellness Massage Therapist at Body and Balance in Gießen (www.koerper-balance.info). Since September 2016 I offer Massages in my own Massage Room and from December 2016 till April 2017 i   worked at Aqualand Cologne in the Spa as a Wellness Massage Therapist. (www.aqualand.de.) Since 15.02. 2017 I work at the Massage Lounge Myssage in Cologne (www. myssage.de).Since March 2017 I offer Business Massages at the WDR Cologne ( TV Station).From mid September till the end of October 2017 I worked as a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist for Frosch- Sportreisen (http:// frosch-sportreisen.de)
What is Yoga?
Yoga is an old Indian Tradition, which serves the development of the entire person. Yoga knows no limitation of age, but it knows several ways to enhance the bodies, the mind and the soul´s well being. Yoga activates the bodies capacity to heal itself and let you find your inner balance. Heart and breath difficulties, Back and Headpain, even Diabetes and diseases of the Thyriod, Asthma and other diseases can be influenced and treated in a positive way through specific Yoga practices. Concentration and Memory are enhanced and we are able to use our Intuition and Creativity on a higher level.
The different Yogastyles:
1.Hatha Yoga:
 Hatha Yoga is mainly concerned with the external stage of development which is restricted to physical exercises or postures (asanas) and breathing practices (pranayama).
Hatha Yoga contains :
1. Yogapostures ( Asanas) effect systematically the whole body. The muscles and tendons are strechted, expanded and empowered. The spine and joints stay or become flexible.
2. Breathingexecises (Pranayama) teaches to recharge the body with new energy and control the mind, through control of the flow of prana. Prana is the lifeforce energy.
3. Deep relaxation minimizes the loss of energy in your body. Your stress will be reduced, the whole system becomes tranquil and relaxed.
4. Nutrition: pure food leads to cleansing of your inner nature, calms the mind and keeps you healthy.
5. Positive thinking and meditation. We learn how to live in peace. When the movement in our minds comes to a quiet state, we can experience our true self.
2.Ashtanga Yoga:
Ashtanga the eightfold path of Yoga according to Patanjali. The first four stages refer to specific practices but the last four refer to stages of consciousness as practice needed them. Here at first the conscious mind is withdrawn into stages of Pratyahara and then it is expanded towards Samadhi, wich is only reached when all the stages have been developed. Hatha Yoga is mainly concerned with the external stage of development which is restricted to physical exercise or postures ( asanas) and breathing practices ( pranayama). Ashtanga contains:
1. Yama: Ethical or social code.
2. Niyama: Personal code, self- purification through control of negative thoughts.
3. Asana: Body postures to give firmness and flexibilty to the body.
4. Pranayama: Control of Prana, life force, control of breathing which purifies nerve channels and brings lightness to the body.
5. Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the senses, where the mind is stilled, it is empty of thoughts.
6. Dharana: Concentration, one-pointedness. After the mind becomes empty it can be focused on Mantra or breathing.
7. Dhyana: Pre-meditation, i.e. spontaneous concentration or meditation, the point of full understanding and awarness of the inner self.
8. Samadhi: Super consciousness. The hightest state of awarness.
3.Kundalini Yoga:
Kundalini is the primal life-force energy in us. Through specific yoga postures and breathingtechniques this sleeping potential is awakening. More vitality and joy, bodily and consciously flexibility, inner relaxation will be gained.Through the awakening of your primal lifeforce energy, Kundalini, you activate and balance your seven main Chakras. This activation and balancing of the Chakras leads to an awakening of various brain areals. Deeper insight and higher powers of the brain are the result of a Kundalini awakening.
Two important elements of Yoga:
1: Breath Techniques (Pranayama):
Breath is life, due to breath techniques more oxygen, energy (consciousness) reaches the blood. Used blood will be moved, organs massaged, the metabolism activated. The whole organism works more harmoniously. Through controlled breath it is possible to focus the thoughts, more consciousness can arise.
Explore your inner realm of peace and quietness. When your mind gets quieter, more endorphins are produced, these are helpful to eliminate stressymptoms. By a relaxed mind your creative potential is activated, new thought patterns create new behaviorpatterns, different experiences and ways of life are available to you. With specific yoga postures your legs get more flexible so you can sit comfortable for a long time in a meditation pose. So your mind gets focussed and is able to follow the breath. In this state it is possible to take a distance from the outer world and explore the realms of your sub and superconciousness.
Yoga Lesson: Group: 15 €, Single: 20€                                          Workshops (3 Hours) about Pranayama, Meditation, Chakras, Kundalini =50 €
What is Reiki?
Let the electric-magnetic power of the universe flow through your body, release tension and blockages, emotional baggage, activate your Chakras and your own body healing system. You will feel relaxed, refreshed and more attune with the natural energy flows of your body.
Reiki Treatment ( 1Hour) = 40 €
Reiki Courses:
Reiki Level 1: Reiki Level 1 is the foundation of all 3 Levels. The main purpose is self healing in Reiki Level 1, to learn about self-healing, which involves taking responsibility for your own health and well being. After Reiki Level 1 you may also heal others. You learn about the meaning, the nature of Reiki, as well the history and how it developed. Through an attunement ceremony you are initiated to 3 Reiki Symbols, which facilitate and strenghten your connection to the universal life force energy, allowing it to flow through you to raise your personal energy level. You learn about the Handpositions for self healing and others. The Reiki principles give you a frame for integrating this spiritual healing system in your daily life.
1 Day Course, 7 Hours = 150 €
Reiki Level 2: The Reiki Level 2, is the professional practicioner´s level and the main focus is about: Becoming a professional Reiki practicioner with the intention of opening a healing praxis. You learn about Distant and Group healing, as well as 3 important Reiki Symbols. Their meaning, purpose, how to draw them and when to use. You receive one attunement, in which your heart chakra is opened to receive and experience unconditional, universal love and compassion. In this course you will be introduced to your energy body, how to activate and focus your bodily and conscious energy, you learn about your chakra and endocrine system. You learn exercises and techniques to raise your bodies energy level to prepare yourself for the attunement to the Reiki Master Level.
2 Day Course, 15 Hours = 250 €
Reiki Level 3: The main purpose is to become as well to live, the spiritual life as a Reiki Teacher. In this course you learn the Teacher Symbols, their meaning, purpose, how to draw and when to use them. You get insight into the meaning and purpose of the attunement, the three different attunements for each Reiki Level. You learn how to teach Reiki. With the attunement the Master Level you receive full empowerment of the Reiki energy. This energy is spiritual healing through your connection to the universal energy source. The attunement activates the Master Symbol, enabling you to manifest your spiritual vision and compassion into the present time or into physical reality into the now, so you can help others to empower themselves.
2,5 Day Course, 20 Hours = 300 €
What is Phonophorese?
Phonophorese is a healing method which works by tuning forks . These forks are adjusted to the frequencies of earth , moon , sun und the planets. By soft stimulation of the meridians , points of acupuncture and chakra centres the energy can be increased or regulated. Energy blockages can be removed and the chakra centres stimulated and activated . It is a pleasant treatment ,which is noticeable by the physically percibtible frequencies immediately and affects doing good the entire energy system.
What is Cranio- Sacral?
The Cranio-Sacral Rhythm is the membranous and hydraulic system that creates the environment of the Central Nervous System. The brain and spinal cord are surrounded, protected and nourished by the cerebrospinal fluid. This subtle flow of the fluid is also called the Breath of Life or Kundalini Energy. Due to stress, emotional or physical trauma or malnourishment of your body this rhythm can be out of balance, which leads to blockages, energy cysts in your fascia. By subtle touch of your fascia the flow will be equalized, the self-healing ability of your body will be strengthened.
Cranio-Sacral works on 3 different levels:
Physical:reduce of headaches, migraine, eye pressure, blood pressure, anxiety, tension.
Emotional: release of emotional memories stored in your body cells due to traumata, accidents.
Spiritual: activating and balancing your Chakras, set the subtle movement of your Kundalini Energy into motion, enable your body to heal himself.
Treatment of Phonophorese or Cranio - Sacral: 1 Hour = 40 €
Wellness Massages:
Swedish Massage: This is the classical form of massage, concentrating mainly on the bodily aspects of the massage. The aim is to loose tension, relax the muscles and to promote blood circulation. It is a wellness treatment only carried out on a healthy body.
Wellness Lymphdrainage (Detox Massage): The Lymphatic system absorbs the waste products of the body and serves the Immune defense. When the flow of the Lymphatic Liquid stagnates it is more difficult to discharge the waste products of the body, so the optimum cell supply is not guaranteed. The Wellness Lymphdrainage is a soft technique which consist of slow movements and sets in motion a perfect Lymphatic flow. This improves the bodily functions and the Immune system.
Aroma Oil Massage: Since antiquity the use of aroma oils are well known to enhance the wellbeing and to relief various ailments. These days they are a part of the aroma therapy, which aims to unite body, mind and soul. The pure and natural ingridients enter deep into the skin and stimulate the nervous system, the blood and lymphsystem according to their various functions. The Aroma Oil massage combines the power of the aroma therapy with the relaxing touches of the massage.
Hot Stone Massage: The Hot Stone massage is an age old tradition from Hawaii. It is also well known in India, Nepal, Tibet and Westchina as a soothing treatment.  Due to the massage with the hot stones over the energy centers of the body like back, feet, hands and so on, the flow of energy is stimulated, blockages are solved and the muscles are deeply relaxed. The Hot Stone masage is a pleasant combination of energetic treatment and wellness massage.
Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga):
Ayurveda is an ancient healing tradition from India and means "Knowledge of Life". Body, mind and spirit are equally considered in this science.
The main focus is on the prevention of ailments, a healthy lifestyle and the self healing abilities of the body.
Highly effective oils are used for the Ayurvedic Massage. In this way the Massage induces loosening, stimulation, relaxation, regulation of the skin, muscles, joints and the nerve tissue.
Purposeful and smooth strokes activates the lymphatic system and thus promotes the detoxification of the whole body. They intensify the flow of nutritions and expel metabolites. Specific handgrips have an effect on deeper lying organs and tissue layers as Intestines, Lungs and Spinal Cord. The skin gains rapidly its youthfulness and suppleness trough repeated oiltreatmens.
The gentle touc stimulates the Nervous System and enhances an overall wellbeing of body and psyche. In this way a inner balance, health and contentment can be achieved.
Abhyanga in its various forms effects the body on the subtle level. By consideration of the Marma Points the flow of Prana (Lifeforce Energy) is promoted throughout the organism. The touch of the Marma Points releases the self healing abilities of the body.
Ayurvedic Marma Massage:  The word Marma is Sanskrit and translates as sensitive, hidden or vital point. According to a 3000 year old Manuscript of the ayurvedic Medicine there are 108 of this energypoints on the human body. Anatomically undetectable, there are rather the connection of the body and the consciousness. Via this points it is possible to harmonize the body and bring it back into balance. Every single spot has a own, specific effect on the organism. The treatment is similar to acupressure or acupuncture. The Massage is carried out with various strokes, circular movements and pressure techniques. In every Marma point are all ayurvedic principles united. Overactive principles are moderated and low active prinicples are strenghtened to bring the bodily system into balance.
Indian Head Massage: The Indian head massage has a very long tradition and bases on the Ayurvedic system. This massage comprises the head, the neck, the shoulders and the face. An Indian head massage invites to leave behind the stress and hectic of the daily live, relax and gain new energy.
Tuina Massage: The Tuina massage is originally a medicine treatment within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). This technique exists since 777. BC. The term Tuina contains  the words Tui= slide, press and Ma= to grab, to pull. Specific slide and rub techniques with fingers, ellbows and fist on the acupressure and meridian points induce a rise of the Qui flow and a regulation of the meridians. Specific techniques strech and mobilise softly the joints and muscles.
Chinese Chi Massage: The Chinese Chi Massage originates form the ancient tradition of the chinese medicine. In this massage the techniques of the Tuina Massage, Shiatsu and Acupressure are combined to incuce the free flow of the Qui (life force energy). Blockages in the energy pathways (meridians) are released, so the whole body comes into alignment again. This massage is useful for people under a lot of stress and tension as it activates the selfhealing abilities of the body in a very soft, yet effective manner.
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage: Lomi Lomi Nui comes from the ancient traditional curative form Hawaii. This massages serves not only the relaxation but also a purifying ritual that releases the body from burdensome energy. Lomi Lomi Nui is an intensive massge, it is an holistic treatment of body, mind and soul and brings wellbeing and harmony.
Fitness Massage:
The Sport Massage: The Sport Massage is an extension of the classical massage. The techniques of the classical massage as well as additional complementary actions are used to  porpusefully treat the problems of the athlete. The movements of this massage are strong to prepare the body for the coming activity. After Sport serves this massage to relax the muscles for best regeneration.

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